The SNMP agent unit is a new LINEAR device for remote control and monitoring for broadcasting systems.
The unit built in a 19” 2HE cabinet  can be integrated in every LINEAR devices , both latest and previous generations (provided of DB9 port).
SNMP agent unit is designed to handle up to 16 devices and it is also equipped with an auxiliary port to manage an additional ones.
It can be configured to control different stand alone equipments or for the management of a complete system composed by several devices (such as an high power transmitter).
The relative installation is friendly,  mainly consist of connect all devices to be monitored and controlled  to the SNMP agent unit which have to be connected to the web .
Thanks to the use of the SNMP V2 protocol, it does not require the use of proprietary software but only require the use of a standard MIB browser.
The unit performs all the key functions needed to monitor a TV broadcasting site: stores (SET command) and retrieves (GET command) management information as defined in the MIB, signals an event (trap) to the SNMP Manager.
SNMP Agent Unit is designed as an open system that can be expanded as required by the user. The configurations are saved in a non-volatile memory to be automatically retrieved in case of power outages.
SNMP v2 allows to protect the read and write data through Read Community and Write Community (passwords)
Based on standard SNMP
Supports V2 compatible with V1
License free
Web browser indipendent
No limitation in terms of configuration