An Italian story


Tx tower 1978 In the 1948 Vescovi family opened in Chiari (BS) a shop of radio TV and household, with annexed a reparation laboratory.

30 years later, with the liberalization of the Tv stations, officially unlicensed, from that laboratory was born the idea to build equipments for the Television reception.
Founded in September 1973 as LINEAR Vescovi Pietro & Figlio, the company began to build devices for the domestic reception and at the end of 1975 LINEAR started the production of FM transmitters and then TV equipment.

The first low power TV transmitter was installed in San Fermo (BG) in 1976.

1976-1980 LINEAR widened its production range with the introduction of low and medium power tube models. In these years LINEAR met a large success in national market, becoming one of the most important broadcasting manufacturer.

Expo 1964 In October 1976 LINEAR attended its first industrial fair in Vicenza showing a domestic amplifier switchboard for condo, useful for more than 100 antenna sockets. This got excellent feedback and thousands of pieces were sold in northern Italy.

In 1977 the company renamed to "LINEAR F.lli Vescovi"

1980-1985 introduction of tube high power transmitters and analogue microwave links.
In the early '80s, LINEAR decided to concentrate all efforts and assets in the sole production of Television products with the target of obtaining the maximum efficiency and reliability at the best cost.

Tx tower in Adrara (BG) 1976 In order to meet the increasing requests and needs of an expanding market, in 1984 LINEAR moved to a modern and larger building.

In 1991 first exhibition at the international trade fair in Montreaux.
The '90s brought LINEAR to become a worldwide company thanks to the participation to the most important TV broadcasting conventions.

In 1993 the name of the company changed at the current LINEAR srl.

In 1994 headquarters expansion. The new total area covered about 1200m2.

1995-2000 launch of the whole range of high power Solid state transmitters for all bands.

The beginning of the new Millennium marked the advent of a new broadcasting era: the Digital Technology. In these years LINEAR srl began to produce digital Tv transmitters and microwave links, expanding its range of products.

In 2004 inauguration of the current headquarters: a new, wide, state-of-the-art 4000m2 manufacturing plant, which reflected LINEAR's new development needs.

2004-2005 thanks to Italy digital experimentation, LINEAR srl consolidated its position in national market.

2006-Today LINEAR srl is dedicated to developing best-in-class broadcasting devices according to the most recent and innovative technologies at very competitive prices.
Currently LINEAR srl products are installed in over 100 countries worldwide with great acceptance due to the excellent quality, reliability, and flexibility of design, meeting the most demanding specifications from our global clientele.


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